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• As Pyrobin is an open resource for everyone to use, there is a good chance someone is going to upload something that should not be made available to the general public for any number of reasons. If you have identified such a file on this site, please report it in the form below, and it will be made unavailable. Further requests for the file in question will result in a message stating that the file has been removed on request by the name given in the form below. The reason for removal will also be shown.
• If the reason provided for removing the file is found to be insuficcient, the file will be restored and made available again. Repeatedly removing files without sound reasoning may lead to blacklisting of any requests originating from the IP-address used to make the removal requests.
• To prevent abuse of this feature, please wait atleast ten seconds between submissions.
• The following are two valid example links in the format they should be pasted into the URL field:

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